Children and Minor Accident Victims

Law Office of Lisa S. Fine, P.C. has a great deal of experience representing minors who are injured due to the negligence of others. Children’s claims must be handled differently than adults’. There are different statutes of limitations and more stringent requirements involved in the settlement of these matters.

Our smithtown NY Personal injury lawyer handling personal injury claims for a minor claimant must be aware that children under a certain age are automatically non sui juris, which means the child is not responsible for his or her own actions in contributing to the accident.

This is important as it means that a settlement or verdict should not be reduced to account for the contributory negligence of the child. It takes a special type of firm to handle children’s cases and children relate to our staff and to our attorney who is, herself a mother, and who makes even the most shy and frightened injured child feel comfortable describing the incident that caused him or her pain.

Ms. Fine understands the challenges inherent in representing a child who may be the only witness to their own accident, and will work with the child to patiently piece together the happenings of their unfortunate incident.


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